Boom in American Liquified Natural Gas Is Shaking Up the Energy World

A shale gas drilling boom over the last decade has propelled the United States from energy importer to exporter, taking the country a giant leap toward the goal of energy independence declared by presidents for half a century.



CoStar Group CEO says Richmond has a shot at landing Amazon HQ2

CEO friend of Jeff Bezos says Richmond could get Amazon HQ2 - one reason - low energy costs. Yes, Virginia. We have low energy costs and that matters to economic development.



Fracking Fuels...YOUR Summer fun!

Plastics, motor fuel, electricity, and synthetic clothing are just a few of the thousands of products made possible by fracked oil and natural gas.



Take the American Energy Challenge During National Energy Awareness Month

Highlight the thousands of products made from refined or processed crude oil and natural gas.



FERC approves Mountain Valley, Atlantic Coast pipeline projects

Federal energy regulators late Friday approved two controversial natural gas pipelines proposed for construction through West Virginia.



EDITORIAL: Natural gas pipelines needed to keep power flowing

Even after an endorsement by Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and a green light from the relevant federal regulatory agency, the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline is still meeting stiff resistance from environmental activists and the Not in My Back Yard (NIMBY) crowd.



What do Future Cities Look Like?

... those ideas are actually intrinsically linked to oil and natural gas. "Renewables today depend increasingly on natural gas for backup when the sun isn't shining and the wind isn't blowing... So without natural gas or other forms of fossil energy, there would be little, if any, solar or wind energy anywhere."



New Report: U.S. Energy Security Continues to Improve

The 2017 edition of Global Energy Institute's Index of U.S. Energy Security Risk finds that U.S. energy security is continuing to rapidly improve to one of the best scores in decades, after hitting bottom just five years ago.



Virginia water board to take up pipeline permits in December

The department has been evaluating the permits required under the Clean Water Act for the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast pipelines.



Mexico reforms may make US offshore industries look south

Mexico's continuing energy reforms could make US offshore oil and gas producers consider leasing there if more of the US Outer Continental Shelf is not opened for exploration and development.