API's Greco discusses Congress' latest moves to reform renewable fuels policy

As the Office of Management and Budget reviews U.S. EPA's proposal for 2014 renewable fuel volumes, Congress continues to debate a legislative fix to the policy.



Study: U.S. Oil And Gas Revolution To Increase Income, Boost Trade

The economic and employment contributions from U.S. unconventional oil and gas production are now being felt throughout the U.S. economy, increasing household incomes, boosting trade and contributing to a new increase in U.S. competitiveness in the world economy, a new study by IHS finds.



Fracking Brings Employment and Economic Revival

Signs of pride and prosperity were evident all over... Friendly, happy people greeted us. New cars, trucks, hotels and restaurants sparkled in a clean, bustling downtown... Formerly dirt roads are now paved.



DOE study: Fracking chemicals didn't taint water

A landmark federal study on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, shows no evidence that chemicals from the natural gas drilling process moved up to contaminate drinking water aquifers at a western Pennsylvania drilling site, the Department of Energy told The Associated Press.



Goodlatte gets it right on ethanol subsidies

It's time to end the ethanol mandate. Set in 2005 and expanded two years later, the Renewable Fuel Standard requires that by 2022, 36 billion gallons of the nation's fuel supply be renewable fuels.



Goodlatte discusses ethanol mandate with food businesses

Sixth District Rep. Bob Goodlatte is weary of the federal government's ethanol mandate, a requirement that continues to annually ratchet up the use of the corn-based fuel by the billions of gallons.



Offshore exploration would help, not hurt, Hampton Roads economy

US Senator Mark Warner, US Senator Tim Kaine, and US Representative Scott Rigell (all from Virginia) address the concerns raised in a previous Virginia Pilot editorial.



Terry McAuliffe reverses course, backs bill to allow oil drilling off Virginia coast

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe now supports exploring for oil off the coast of Virginia, reversing his position on an issue that both sides of the debate consider to be crucial to the commonwealth's long-term energy future.



Sens. Warner and Kaine Submit Legislation to Expand Offshore Energy Leases

U.S. Sens. Mark Warner (D-VA) and Tim Kaine (D-VA) today cosponsored the introduction of The Virginia Outer Continental Shelf Energy Production Act of 2013. The legislation would expand American offshore energy production with a revised five-year leasing plan, and provide revenue sharing.



Rigell Introduces Virginia Jobs and Energy Act to Create Jobs, Generate Revenue for Schools and Roads, Help Achieve Energy Independence

Rigell Introduces Virginia Jobs and Energy Act to Create Jobs, Generate Revenue for Schools and Roads, Help Achieve Energy Independence. Developing Virginia's natural resources supported by Virginia's Governor, U.S. Senators, and other elected officials